Jane Gill Pre Jury

Jane Gill was born in England in 1964. She worked as a graphic designer for many years before finding her love of writing. She went on to publish her debut novel, Dance with Fireflies, in 2015. The novel was extensively researched, including the reading of hundreds of letters, stowed away in a trunk for many years by her Anglo-Indian grandmother who was a prolific letter writer.

Jane is currently working on the sequel to Dance with Fireflies, which is set in India at the turbulent time of partition. Early on, the book will reveal a scandalous family secret.

When Jane is not writing, she loves to read great books, camp by the sea and cook delicious food in the Cotswold home she shares with her husband, son and dog.

She writes an on-going blog about the writing and publishing of her novel.

You can reach Jane via Twitter at Jane Gill. Author or visit her blog at www.janespentopaper.wordpress.com

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