Lima Rosalind Independent expert on nature

Lima Rosalind is a Master in Science (Marine Zoology) having over 30 years of experience in the field of wildlife biology, conservation and environment interpretation and environment education.

She is currently pursuing her doctoral programme in Conservation Psychology from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh.

She started her career with Bombay Natural History Society, Mumbai (BNHS) where she worked on various ecology projects and nature education programs. Black necked Crane, Bengal Florican, Lesser Florican, Bird Ringing, Bird Hazard to Aircrafts, Bird microphotography, Andaman Wild Pig, Tigers, Elephants are some of the species she worked on.

She then joined the Centre for Environment Education, Ahmedabad (CEE), where she handled interpretation programs for critical wetlands and forests, developed conservation education strategy for national parks, trained forest officers, policy makers and teachers in environment conservation, education for sustainable development and interpretation.

She was also associated with WWF-India, New Delhi as the Director-Environment Education, where she was responsible for carrying out environment education activities, spearheading the Nature Clubs of India movement, Education in Sustainable development, Outdoor education facilities and nature camping activities.

National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan, India Document, 2014 for the MOEF &CC, Govt. Of India, she is a joint author.

She is a Founder - Director of Green Future Foundation, a Section 25, not for profit, Company. Frangipani is a consultancy service, which she spearheads.

She is in inveterate urban gardener and grows organic food in her home garden. Her other interests are music, reading and writing, when she is not travelling the boondocks of the country.

She lives in Gurgoan, NCR, with her husband, and Skype her pet lab.

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