Rupa Gandhi Wildlife Trust of India

Rupa Gandhi is the Joint Director and Chief, Awareness for Conservation and a member of the Executive Management Team at Wildlife Trust of India (WTI).

Qualified with a degree in Chemical Engineering, she strayed into wildlife conservation for the love of travel, nature and photography. Ms. Gandhi first joined WTI in 2003 and conducted the hugely successful 'Save the whale shark campaign' in Gujarat targeting the fishermen who used to slaughter the world's largest fish in hundreds. In two years of the campaign, they turned protectors and are now helping WTI's marine team in rescues of accidentally entangled whale sharks.

She has also launched and conducted the Tibetan Conservation Awareness Campaign with His Holiness, Dalai Lama to sensitise the Tibetan community on illegal trade and use of wildlife derivatives. The campaign at Tibetan settlements and monasteries across India resulted in burning of animal fur and pelts to put these beyond use.

The anti shahtoosh campaign conducted with the film and fashion industry went on to develop an alternative upmarket pashmina that now has a Craftmark and a GI tag of Kashmir origin.

She is currently conducting Animal Action Education with schools across the country to sensitise educators and school children to nature conservation. She is also a part of planning a process to involve gen next into nature conservation with the aim of creating conservation leaders and champions from youth across India.

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