FON South Asia Short Story Contest 2016


(a) Award

Award means FON South Asia Short Story Award 2016

(b) Entrant or Entrants

Entrant or Entrants mean person or persons participating in the Contest by submitting a short story pursuant to the Contest.

(c) Entry or Entries

Entry or Entries mean Short Story or Short Stories submitted/received for participation in the Contest.

(d) Contest

Contest means Fellows of Nature (FON) South Asia Short Story Contest 2016

(e) Nature

Nature means elements of the world not created by man. This includes flora and fauna, landscapes, seasons and phenomena.

(f) NHP Centre

NHP Centre means Natural Habitat Preservation Centre, a society registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860.

(g) South Asia

For the purpose of this Contest, South Asia comprises of Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

(h) Steering Committee

Steering Committee shall mean and comprise of:

  • Sumant Batra, Secretary-General, NHP Centre
  • A representative of French Institute in India
  • A representative of Wildlife Trust of India
  • Lima Rosalind, Naturalist & Conservationist
  • Sujata Parashar, Director, FON Project

Sumant Batra will chair the Steering Committee.

Participation & Eligibility

  1. Entrant must be a national of any of the South Asian countries and should be living in South Asia at the time of participation.
  2. Entrant must be 21 years or above on 1 March 2016. Entrant must produce the proof of age and nationality at the time of submission (any government issued ID card such as Voters ID, Driving License, Passport, Aadhaar Card (Indian Nationals) and/or Government University IDs).
  3. Only unpublished and unproduced Entry can be submitted for participation in the Contest.
  4. Entry should be in English, and that includes translation in English from any other language.


  1. The winner of the Contest shall be presented the FON South Asia Short Story Award.
  2. The Award shall comprise of INR 1,00,000 (INR One hundred thousand rupees only) together with a plaque. Where the winning entry is a translation from the original language in which it is authored, the award money will be shared and presented to both the author and the translator.
  3. The payment of Award amount shall be made to the winner by cheque/draft or transfer in bank account of the winner.
  4. The Award is funded by NHP Centre from its own resources.
  5. The name of the award is FON South Asia Short Story Award.
  6. The Award shall be presented to the winner at Kumaon Literary Festival to be held from 11-15 October 2016 in India. However, any one - the author or the translator will be invited if the winning entry is a work of translation.

FON Book of Short Stories

  1. The Jury shall recommend 20-30 Entries for consideration by Steering Committee for publishing as a book of short stories by Wisdom Tree.
  2. Out of Entries recommended by the Jury as afore stated, the Steering Committee may in its sole and absolute discretion, select such number of Entries as it may deem appropriate and necessary for inclusion in the FON Book of Short Stories.
  3. The decision of Steering Committee will be final.


  1. An international jury comprising of the following members will select the Entry for the Award and shortlist the Entries for FON Book of Short Stories:
    • Siddhartha Gigoo
    • Jerry Pinto
    • Mridula Koshy
  2. Siddhartha Gigoo shall be the Chairperson of the Jury.
  3. The Jury shall be assisted by a Pre-Jury consisting of experienced readers and literary enthusiasts selected by the Steering Committee.
  4. The Jury shall be guided strictly by the Selection Criteria without being influenced by gender, caste, religion, and nationality of the Entrant or any criterion or factor other than the Selection Criteria.
  5. In the absence of consensus, the decision of Jury shall be taken by majority. In the event of a split, the Chairperson shall have the casting vote.
  6. The decision of the Jury shall be final and no queries or challenge will be entertained in that respect thereof.

Contest Timeline

  1. The Contest shall open at 12 Noon (IST) on 1 March 2016 and close on 12 Noon (IST) 30th May 2016.
  2. No Entry shall be accepted before the Contest opening date and time or after the Contest closing date and time.

Submission Rules

  1. Entry must be original and must be submitted directly by the author of the short story.
  2. Entry must be submitted online in the form and manner presided on the website.
  3. Only one Entry per writer is admissible for submission for the FON South Asia Short Story Award and the FON Book of Short Stories.
  4. The Entry must be the Entrant's own work. It must also be for adult or young adult readers.
  5. The Entry must be original and should be unpublished and unproduced anywhere in full or in part on or before October 2016. Published work is taken to mean published in any printed, publicly accessible form, e.g. anthology, magazine, newspaper, personal blog, personal website, social networking site. Entries must not have previously been broadcast or won a prize.
  6. Entries must have 2000 words minimum and 3000 words maximum, which includes the title. Entries which do not follow the word limit will be disqualified. Entries should not contain any pictures or other material.
  7. Entries should be uploaded in a PDF document. File name should be the title of short story. Documents bearing any other name, including author's name, will not be considered. The first page should include the title of the story and the number of words.
  8. The file name must be the title of the story. (If your story is untitled, the file name must be the first five words of the story).
  9. Entries will not be returned so please keep a copy. No corrections or alterations can be made after entries have been received.
  10. Entries will be read and judged anonymously. Author's name and contact details should not appear anywhere in the document. The author's details should be included only in the entry form. Those must not be given out anywhere on the uploaded document.
  11. All Entries should be submitted in Arial 12 point font and should be typed, double or 1.5 spaced, in a plain legible font. All pages should be numbered. Include a header bearing the title of the story. Postal entries should be on A4, single-sided and paper-clipped together.
  12. The Entry should be based on Nature.
  13. Worldwide copyright of each story will remain with the writer. NHP Centre will have the unrestricted right to publish the selected stories (including the winning story) in the FON Book of Short Stories.
  14. The results of the competition will be announced on Fellows of Nature website. Authors of winning and selected stories will be notified by email. The details will also be updated on the FON website by the end of August 2016. Authors of stories not selected will not be notified.
  15. Winners and authors whose stories will be published in the book will be expected to take part in publicity activities including social media where feasible.
  16. The winners will be expected to build awareness and develop respect for nature, and eventually help in conservation and to develop a community of nature writers.
  17. The decision of Steering Committee on questions of eligibility is final and no further correspondence will be entered into.
  18. Any attempt to contact a member of jury or influence the Steering Committee will attract disqualification.
  19. The Entrant shall not write his/her name or make any sign and/or mark of identification in the Entry. Any such attempt or action will lead to disqualification of Entry.
  20. The Steering Committee retains absolute right to disqualify any Entry at any stage if it is convinced that the Entry is not the original work of the Entrant.
  21. Jury and Pre-jury members, founders, individual members of steering committee, director of the FON project, office bearers and the staff members of NHP Centre are not eligible to participate in the Contest.

Criteria for Pre Jury and Jury

Scoring criteria for Pre Jury

FON assistant will compile all entries once the deadline has passed and distribute them proportionately to the Pre-Jury. All entries, which don't meet the eligibility criteria and entry rules, shall be rejected.

The Pre Jury will:
  1. Ensure basic eligibility criteria and submission rules are met. Use a checklist to determine this.
  2. Compile all entries, which meet eligibility criteria and submission rules and evaluate them based on the following criteria:
    Language and style Elements of a short story Plot, character, setting, conflict, theme Narrative flow and structure
    5 points 10 points
    (2 points each)
    5 points
  3. Prepare the final sheet containing the marks and hand it over to the jury.
  4. Hand over the top ranking stories to the jury for final selection.
  5. Jury will read all the stories passed on to them by Pre Jury.
  6. Jury will use their experience in selecting one story in English for the prize. Jury will also select 30 stories in all for the book.